Child Standing Frame

auxiliary instrument for early rehabilitation of children


1. The product is made of steel tube, with surface powder coating treatment;

2. Front universal wheel with brake and the rear wheel is directional wheel;

3. The table can be adjusted and disassembled without tools;

4. Leg opening angle 0~60 degrees;

5. The size of hip joint can be adjusted;

6. Lie down to a standing angle of 0~90 °;

7. Main frame level dwell height 60cm;


This equipment is an ideal auxiliary instrument for early rehabilitation training intervention of children with SMA, DMD, cerebral palsy, muscle disease, lower limb weakness, spinal injury, lower limb paralysis, etc. Because the device can move freely, it is suitable for clinical nursing of all kinds of disabled children and helps them to participate in social life exchanges; Provide passive or active sports participation for children with special needs. It is one of the ideal equipment for early rehabilitation. (Note: SMA/DMD refers to spinal muscular atrophy and progressive muscular dystrophy)

Net Weight:40.5kg(size 1)

Gross Weight:48kg(size 1)


Carton:L115*W66*H63CM(size 1)

Suitable height: 78cm-128cm,

Maximum weight: 35KG;

Suitable for children aged 1-7

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