About us

For decades our mission remains the same, people have always come first in everything we do. Professional team was established since year 1997 and formed our 1st company on 2000. We work hard everyday to improve the quality of life of our patients and users, and to enable them to live independent daily lives.

We have been servicing to provide people with disabilities with the best possible quality of life for many years. Precious feedback regarding our users’ day-to-day experiences helps our product developers see the actual need through their eyes.

We help people to maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

We aim to help people move more freely and with less pain, correct faulty-position and provide effective support for the healing process. Orthoses and supports have proven to be particularly effective for these purposes.

Other than rehabilitation equipment we have introduced special lighting in medical fields to enhance our dedication.

With our extensive integration expertise and diverse photonics technology portfolio, we enable a broad range of innovations and applications including clinical diagnostics, surgical visualization, medical device assembly applications.




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