Children Walker

Anti-collision triangle glider


1. The product is made of steel tube, with surface powder coating


2. Front universal wheel; rear wheel is universal wheel with brake;

3. The table and abdomen support can be adjusted and

disassembled without tools according to the user's height;

4. The height of the product is adjusted by five gears, and the

adjustment distance of each gear is 2cm

5. The back cushion and the seat cushion is made of fireproof

leather, highly elastic sponge and MDF, which makes the sedentary

users feel more comfortable;

6. Optional accessory tray table and handle can be switched

according to the needs of use;

7. The four directions are equipped with anti-collision ring, which

can effectively cushion the collision in the process of moving to

avoid secondary injur

Purpose : Train and exercise the ankle, knee joint, leg and lumbar spine.

Net Weight : 11.5kg(size 1)

Gross Weight : 15kg(size 1)

Packing :1PCS/CS

Carton:L59*W48*H39CM(size 1)


Suitable height: 78cm-128cm,

Maximum weight: 35KG;

Suitable for children aged 1-7





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