PE300BFA Xenon


Color variants



Known for its high brightness, broad spectral range and tightly focused beam,
the 300 Watt Cermax®Xenon lamp has been the industry standard since its development.
This 300 Watt Xenon lamp is commonly used in diagnostic and surgical endoscopes in most major hospitals worldwide.


Reflector Type: Parabolic
Body Type: Ceramic
Total Visible Output: 5000 Lumens
Power - Nominal: 300 Watts
Power - Range: 180-320 Watts
Current - Nominal: 21 Amps (DC)
Current - Range: 10-22 Amps (DC)
Ignition Voltage: 23-35 kilovolts (system dependent)
Operating Voltage - Nominal: 14 Volts (DC)
Operating Voltage - Range: 13-16 Volts (DC)
Lifetime: 1000 hours typical
Temperature: 150° C (maximum)
Radiant Output: 50 Watts
UV Output (<390 nm): 2.6 Watts
IR Output (>770 nm): 29 Watts